MJ Moments – A Good Guide to Start You off Right

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MJ Moments – A Good Guide to Start You off Right


I was thinking about being asked a particular question, namely:

How would You suggest that a First Time Consumer of this plant, go about it?


And THIS, is my reply…

(I will start with what I believe to be the ideal progression for someone completely naive to the effects of cannabis…you may have to make amendments to your ‘start position’.)


1.  Find someone you trust, who is already familiar with this plant.  (ten bucks says this person is closer than you think 😉

(the more familiar, the better…here’s a simple test:  Can they name three uses for this plant from parts other than the ripe, seedless, female flowers?)

(i.e. fiber, food, oil, cellulose…and everything those things can be turned into!)…(meaning, they’ve educated themselves beyond the name of the latest hybrid to come out with WAAAY too much THC and way too little CBD’s, etc.)


2.  Have this person come to YOUR HOME, grab a stool for a seat and head to the master bathroom…the friend you trust is going to “hot box” with you…you aren’t even going to smoke this time!

-The reason I believe the above is an important step is because there are many who’ve not yet released themselves from the indoctrination of what cannabis IS or DOES.  By “just sitting” in a room with friend who is smoking a joint, they do not yet have to cross that mind-barrier of consuming it on purpose…however, they WILL begin to feel the effects of the plant…if their Guide is worth their salt 😉

-Doing this at YOUR HOME will not only make you more comfortable, you won’t have to travel anywhere afterward…plan accordingly ;)…may I suggest a blanket and a comfortable spot.

-Typically there’s a fan (for stinky stuff) in that room, or at least a window.

(burn some incense, spray some citrus oil, etc., if you wish to blend the scents…some like it just the way it came 😉

-An intelligent Guide will bring cleanly grown, healthy cannabis…and for the sake of “hot-boxing” will smoke it (rather than one of the many other healthier ways to consume it).

-The Guide will keep the “experience” of the session, from the perspective of the First Time Consumer, held as the highest priority…and that this experience be a positive one.

–Initial goal(s):  Relaxation and/or Joy (seen in the form of an uncontrollable, child-like grin…for no other apparent reason than pure contentment with the present!)

—I think it is important here for the Guide to carry out “exit interviews” during/after each session…basically a quick chat about what they’re feeling, how they feel about that feeling, are they okay now, what are they thinking about, etc.  As their answers become more and more verbose, you’ll know they’re progressing nicely 😉

(“Hot-boxing” is just a slang term for smoking in a small, enclosed space with the intended purpose of not “wasting” the second-hand smoke…as many folks as want to, can sit in and “breathe”…that’s it, that’s “hot-boxing” in a nutshell.)

PSA – Do NOT try this with unhealthy things…it will harm you.

(Have you ever noticed the simple difference between cigarette, cigar and cannabis smokers?…only ONE of them keeps the car windows rolled UP!…and saves their “butts” rather than littering and tossing them out the window for someone else to come clean up after them!!)


3.  Repeat Step 2 until the First Time Consumer is ready to sit with the Guide and have the joint passed to them…for their FIRST purposeful consumption of cannabis!

-Guide gives examples of short, medium and long pulls/drags/sucking of air/inhales

-First Timer takes one short inhale, pulls joint away but continues to inhale (to move the smoke from the mouth and throat, into the lungs)…Holds it for a three-count and exhales.

(I suggest a pursed-lip, controlled back pressure exhale…rather than an open mouthed lung dump.  Be sure to have fun with the exhale…First, learn how to aim it away from your mates faces (unless they like it like that ;)…Second, learn how to direct the smoke in the direction you’d like (to make certain someone who doesn’t want your exhale, doesn’t get it…Third, practice a “Signature Move”)

(….perfect the ring, whatever…just develop some STYLE to how YOU DO IT)

-Wait 15 minutes prior to second short inhale.  Converse about the universe.  You may already be THERE!

-If not, repeat.


4.  Guides shows:

Necessary Equipment

How to grind

How to roll

How to start/light (using hemp wick)

How to correct run-away burns from a bad/loose roll

How to save the unfinished portion

How to finish off the last little bit

How to clean equipment


5.  Guide shows/explains other methods of consumption.

-Transition from smoking to vaporizing, it’s much healthier for you.

-There are tinctures, topical oils and creams, etc.

-DO NOT TAKE EDIBLES as a First Time Consumer…that’s my opinion.

–Wait until your relationship with inhalation is solid and you know your own dosage…AND…the effect that INHALED cannabis has on You.  (which will be different than the INGESTED cannabis effect)

—You should be able to explain your personal favorite “dosage” or “tolerance level” of INHALATION; and the EDIBLE provider should be able to tell you how much of THEIR edible to consume at one time, to meet YOUR previously explained needs/desires.

—-(With EDIBLES) Wait anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hrs for full onset (depending on when last meal was taken, what it was, and your metabolic rate)

—–I suggest consuming an EDIBLE just prior to an early Saturday evening dinner, say around 6pm.  By 8pm you’ll be either giggling and dancing or ready for the BEST NIGHT’S REST YOU’VE HAD in YEARS!  When Sunday morning rolls around, you’ll be smooth like butter!  Calm, relaxed, centered and peaceful…take it easy this day.  Yes, you read that correctly, an EDIBLE has the capability of keeping you “feeling the effects” for HOURS, sometimes overnight!  And the first time you over do it and consume too much of an EDIBLE, you may as well plan for the following progression:  From feeling fantastic, to feeling paranoid, to sleeping it off (for HOURS)…to a new found respect for the inherent safety of consuming this plant…a knowing that even when you “over do it” you’re going to be okay.  And last but not least, you learn your tolerance for THAT SPECIFIC EDIBLE.


6. Go Solo…Get High and go exploring around in your own Mind, see what’s in there, find out how it got there  (Helpful Hint:  take notes, you may learn something about yourself by reading them later)


7. Get Spiritual…Get High and find your God-Self…then help mankind by sharing your gift, whatever “your gift” is.

(maybe “mankind” is one person you give a reason to believe in themselves)

***Make certain to ALWAYS have at least one liter (32oz) of water with you when consuming cannabis…AND DRINK IT!***

(the healthier the water, the better)


Anyway, that’s how I think I’d answer that question…if ever asked 😉



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