MJ Moments – Beginning Mind Travel 101

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MJ Moments – Beginning Mind Travel 101


SELL ME!…I WANT to have my knowledge-base upgraded.


It’s funny, people get all butt-hurt when I profess my allegiance to a concept that I’ve formulated in My mind.

I can understand why.

They may not have put in the same kind of time and effort to formulate their concepts to begin with…so it’s “easy come, easy go” for them.

What I ask for, was that they prove to me, via their thoughtfully chosen words, that they’ve out-researched AND out-thought Me on said subject…and I will GLADLY concede to the HIGHER KNOWLEDGE in the conversation.

But until THAT happens………..Yeah, I think I’ll stick with the concepts I’ve thoughtfully formulated.

I don’t get why EVERYONE doesn’t operate like this!?!…and be OPEN to the new, more thoroughly researched and thought-out concepts!!!  DUH, it would help YOU!

ex:  The “oldest” or “loudest” or “biggest” or “most charming” or (etc., ad nauseam) are the ones who’ve (in parliamentary procedural terms) “had the floor” and therefore, our attention…professing themselves as the “authority” figures in the room (just because they could)….and we listened…and took it as “gospel.”  But that doesn’t necessarily make them the most well-thought or well-researched on YOUR CHOSEN SUBJECT, does it?!


Here’s the secret:

Once you turn the-machine-between-your-ears ON, and take it out for a spin…YOU WILL BE AMAZED!

But HOW to do that?!?

(I suggest a good Indica for Beginners of Mind Travel…jungle-raised Sativas are for the “passport-fillers” of Mind Travel, so be aware Beginner)

(Meditation works too, just not as quickly and sometimes never, depending on your meditation skill level)

(Cannabis works EVERY TIME…all you need is a good guide…not some jackass promoting negativity, lack or limitation…no, not at a time like this.  Turn off all electronics, except for some soothing music if you must…but NONE is best.  Instruct your guide (prior to lift-off) what your chosen destination is to be…and then let them take you there!)

Your mind is terrible thing to waste!  (…to quote a meme from a UNICEF commercial I remember from my youth 😉

And once you decide to start using it for what YOU want to focus on…things, YOU…will change.

(Who’s with me?!!)

Anyway, If you choose to focus on building a good set of working concepts for how a man should live, and you choose to look off the beaten path for YOUR DEFINITION of PERFECTION…you’ll be amazed (yes, I repeated it, I know…deal with it!)…AMAZED…at the information you can gather and just how different it can be from what you originally “thought”/(accepted…hook, line and sinker) as the TRUTH.

And that’s why it’s hard for those who desire to “change my mind”…I’ve traveled around in It, rather than on Mother Earth…I’m a different KIND of “passport-filler”; one who counts well-thought-out concepts, like another counts a foreign country…something to conquer, at any expense.


I’m serious like a Mofo!

…with a fun side to match, if you’re cool like-that)

H.G.  (C.A., T.N.)*


*(I’ll explain when the time is right 😉



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(…WARNING!…you may end up hating me for what I’m about to say, or the opposite ;))

(…and if you DO end up hating me, PLEASE, send your hate (in the form of money) to one of your favorite charities…then your “hate-energy” will be doing some good!)

(…then come back to some forum I’m associated with and let the world know just how much you hated me, by revealing the size of your donation!)

(…I’m crafty…I turn “hate” into Love ;))

(…and Thanks, for checkin’ me out to begin with)

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