MJ Moments – I love you Discovery Channel!

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MJ Moments – I love you Discovery Channel!


First, there was “Weed Wars”…which highlighted the first dispensary I was ever privy to and a part of…as a customer.

Their weed got shitty, right about the time the show aired.

I mean, TOP SHELF weed became consistently less sticky…AND…the “high” changed; it became less and less balanced…as the suns-a-bitchin’ retards put THC and other cannabinoids WAAAAAY out of balance/harmony, so that you could buy 20%+ THC weed with almost NO CBD’s.

(Read the rest of my MJ Moments to find the one where I explain why the balance is important…even to the psychoactive element of consuming this plant.)


Next was “American Weed”.

(Probably my least favorite of the 4…but still educational to the masses.  And let’s face facts, anytime you have THIS SUBJECT in the mainstream, it helps to educate the masses that there are POSITIVE attributes to this plant (for the ignorant)…AND…it puts this wonderful plant in the lexicon of those who might not otherwise consider it anything other than the equivalent of “heroin”…because they’ve been told to.)


Then there was “Weed Country”…the BEST thus far.

PS  I love you, Mike Boutin…cuz…”there’s nothing more american than providing a product in demand, to your fellow americans”  (of course, I’m paraphrasing).

And “entertainment” or “distraction” or “the occupation of someone’s mind”…is good american business.  (You know what I’m sayin’ Discovery Channel ;))

B.E. Smith’s understanding of Commercial Law seems to be impressive…from what little I could gather from the scene that showed his outdoor chalkboard while attempting to educate Shotwell.  (The thing is B.E., people like him won’t take the time to educate themselves on that level…he’s part of the fast and furious crowd…it’s about a cash grab for him…not operating like the sovereign entity he actually Is.  Look at the pressure he tried to put on Boutin.)…(or at least, that’s how it was portrayed).

I think Ayn Rand would call Boutin the “producer”, and Shotwell and his phat hommie the “looters”…they have nothing to do unless a REAL man, a producer, PRODUCES SOMETHING FIRST.

(again, I don’t know these dudes…they may be cool as hell…but that’s not how they came off on the show)


And currently, “Pot Cops”…fucking. hilarious!  (was it meant to be a comedy?)

Listening to ignorant cops, federal or otherwise, expound on the horrifying attributes of the plant called cannabis…cracks me up!

Please, will even ONE piece of shit PUBLIC SERVANT site the reference material that they have personally read to educate themselves about this plant and it’s uses and their subsequent effects on the human, or canine, or ANY animal with an endocannabinoid system.  For fuck sake, this PLANT TAUGHT US that we had an endocannabinoid system…read the research Dick, before you go on TV and flap your trap about  all the “damages” this plant does.  Otherwise, all you’re doing is professing your ignorance…ON RECORD.  Idiots.  You know you sound stupid, literally, right?

(I will confess, I am pleased with their efforts to care for the land…but I don’t think they really ARE…I think it’s just an excuse they use.)

And here’s why I think that:

Why is it that when you bust a large grow in the forest, and cut down all the plants, and use a helicopter or truck and trailer to remove said plants…why is it that you aren’t bringing a fucking garbage bag!?!

If you REALLY cared about the land, you’d clean it up…and PS, those plants aren’t “dirty”…they’re just profitable.

Every episode I see you fucks walk by piles of chemicals and human garbage…and do nothing.

Have you really cleaned up the land?  Are you really trying to?

(Or maybe you do, in which case I apologize for calling you a “piece of shit public servant” and a “fuck”…and I thank you for your service.)


(Now, back to the brow beating!)


Oh, and if you POT COPS weren’t completely retarded, you’d read.

And when reading, you might come across this knowledge…

Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica), made into a liquid fertilizer (by letting it sit in a bucket in the sun with some water for a few weeks) and used at FULL strength (i.e. NOT diluted for soil feeding or even further diluted for foliar feeding) is an excellent, COMPLETELY ORGANIC and strong herbicide…which…AFTER it’s done killing all the “weeds” you sprayed it on, becomes excellent, COMPLETELY ORGANIC, Nitrogen fertilizer for the soil.

Hmmm, I wonder if I could contact Star Route Farms in Bolinas and have them grow me a bunch of Stinging Nettle for my Cannabis eradication program?

Hmmm, I wonder if I used helicopters (or better yet, firefighting planes) to do “organic herbicide drops” over the crops…as if you were putting out a forest fire…would be effective?

You could literally eradicate these grows without ever setting foot on the ground…by spraying them from above with ORGANIC stuff.


PS  Fermented Stinging Nettle smells like a rotting carcass…how awesome is that!?!


Imagine a firefighting plane drenching the crop AND the camp with an organic herbicide that smells like rotting death.

(Of course I’m talking about cartel grows…that are obvious cartel grows.)

And if you were smart, which you’re obviously not, you’d do your organic herbicide drop at precisely the time of year that would be too early for them to get ANY harvest, and too late for them to replant.  Essentially, making growing cannabis in the forest on a massive scale…dumb…and a huge waste of effort on the part of the grower.

Shit man, you could do the drops at night…from the air…and not be highly visible to be shot at.  (…once you had the GPS coordinates of the outlying edges of the grow)


And furthermore, are Mexicans afraid to use shovels?

(Rhetorical and racist, I know.)


Then why doesn’t the cartel figure out where they’ve buried the harvest and go get it?

(it’s not like they care about the product they produce…they just want the profit)

And finally, if you eradicated with organic herbicide, like I suggested, there would be no hiking and chopping and gathering and transporting and burying…and…you wouldn’t have to operate in fear of a gardner with a gun.


That’s all I have to say about that, for now 😉

Thanks Discovery Channel



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