MJ Moments – I roll with folks who don’t fuck themselves…

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MJ Moments – I roll with folks who don’t fuck themselves…


I was HAAMF and after telling a young man (10, I’d say) about keeping his own “Playground”/neighborhood clean I came in the house to pen this.

(… on my roof in a lawn chair, with a liter of cold water and bag full of vapor (366F)!…to watch the magnificent sunset that fine warm evening)…(and by the way, as I put down the book I also lugged up there with me, “Nuclear Evolution,” I realized that it was high time to take note of the wonderful nature all around me (in the form off tree tops and large bushes (not THAT kind, you dirty bastards ;)…no, the kind of thing that grows so vigorously it’s difficult (for me) to tell if it’s a big bush 😉 or a small tree.)  And after taking count in a 360 degree manner from the tallest tree I could see from my rooftop, I counted THIRTEEN different types or species or whatever they’re called (sorry arborists, I know, I suck)…and that’s the point!

We THINK there’s no nature around, because we spend all our time inside, glued to some electronic device…(or even a good book ;)…and if you just take the time to develop a healthy relationship the the Cannabis plant, you’ll see…Nature, is everywhere.

(Just shut the TV off, vaporize (at ~ 360F or so) some organically grown, properly cured cannabis…or even the shit they sell that’s not, amazing thing about vaporizing is…you can decide how HOT you want the “chemical transaction” to take place at…and because of this, how much of the “bad stuff” you’re willing to “turn to vapor” and inhale for the sake of a “better” high.  WHOA!  I got off track.



Step 1.  Shut off electronics  (only on Sunday evenings at the beginning of Sunset, sorry football fans…TIVO it!)

Step 2.  Vaporize (at appropriate temp for your concerns) some cannabis, any will do.

Step 3.  Get ladder out, climb on roof (with water AND full bag of vape’…leave book behind)…sit comfortably down, facing the view you prefer….let your conscious guide you…which ever you prefer,  facing the brighter reds, oranges, and yellows…or preferring to have those at your back, relaxing the eyes and observing the oncoming blues, indigos and violets…your choice

Step 4.  BEFORE climbing ladder, figure out how you’re going to get down, I suggest a “corner” entry/exit as it give you a spot to hold onto with one arm on the way down….anyway, position the ladder for an easy descent…and a safe one.

Step 5.  Get up on the roof, GENTLY HIGH, and NOT…”Holy SHIT!  This might be a new personal high, HIGH for Me!”…kind of high.  Because that would make for either a VERY interesting descent, or a long evening on the roof….which come to think of it….naw, I’m 42, my “practical-side” get’s the best of me sometimes 😉


ANYWAY!  As I was saying!!

I was up my rooftop this fine Evening, watching the darker shades of the sunset…when the neighborhood boys broke a glass bottle on the street (which I could CLEARY see who did it based on my “point of view”)…and when I went out with a flashlight (after enjoying the rest of the sunset…FUCK THAT!…that shit already happened, can’t do shit about it, except investigate within a “reasonable” amount of time….so that the little suns-a bitches can’t tamper with my evidence!  (oh, and I “know” the 3-boy bicycle crew that did it, I even know the name of the one who lives ACROSS THE STREET from me on around the corner, duh?!….and while I was out doing my investigation with a little flashlight, up walks the neighbor-boy! )

I asked him what they broke and he told me that it was a bottle.  I asked where, and he told me where. And them something interesting happened.

There was a version of myself that just wanted to give him the verbal business, so to speak, but instead…(and I’m CERTAIN it’s because I was HAAMF! at the time…after getting down off the roof and polishing off another bag-full! Yowza!!)

…but instead, Love took over.

I remembered being a young boy and wanting to know what breaking glass sounded like, and looked like, and just how much force it took to do it.  I was HIM, at one point in my life…how could I be mad at that?!?

So instead, I put myself in his shoes and said the following:

“Hey man, you gotta be cool…this is Your neighborhood, this is where you Play.  What happens if one day you guys are horsing around, riding wheelies and crash!…into that spot where you broke that glass!”


(and here’s where I gave him the ‘vision’ to look into the future, when contemplating doing things in life)…


“Can you imagine wrecking and having all that broken glass jammed into your hands, forearms and elbows!”

And while observing the young man for a reply, I notice him reach over with one hand and rub the elbow of the other arm, back and forth, gently…as if it were happening in his mind just then…perhaps from a previous experience, perhaps from a vivid imagination, perhaps from a combination of both.  The point is, his body language TOLD me he got the message.  And just to drive the point home, I took a calculated risk.  I cursed.

Once I knew he got the message, I drove it home with this:

I told him to stop, (as we were both walking the 30 yards back to our homes while it was getting dark and interior lights poking out through the screen doors were beginning to shine onto the yards), I told the young man to look me in the eye and I said, “Man, don’t fuck-up your Own “Playground’…right?!”

And sheepishly he turned his eyes away, then back, quickly, and said, “right.”

When I came inside I cried.

I was so thankful for my relationship with this plant called Cannabis.

When what I “wanted” to do was give the young man a verbal thrashing, letting all my life’s angers out on this poor little dude.

But instead, I just loved him.

I gave him the advice I wish someone would give me if I was in his shoes…something to think about…an actual reason for doing it differently.  Not just to stop.

Tell Me how Your advice is better for Me…(instead of just telling me to “stop”…and in the meantime, I don’t learn the physics of glass breaking!  DICK!)…

…Which by the way, you know how many kids you could get to go to class if you allowed them to work shifts that would have them washing bottles, (for recycling purposes)…and then next shift, getting a chance to SAFELY throw them and break them in a concrete pit designed for the occasion!  It would let them get that glass-breaking thing out of their system, the windows of the neighborhoods of america would be grateful (window replacement companies would hate me) and most importantly, our children would have a release for all the frustrations they must feel that We (as a collective society) aren’t addressing, in some cases.  Anyway.  I think it would be good for most involved to let kids break glass at school as part of a stress reduction program AND recycling program….watch, the teachers all shove the kids out the way and there are NO bottles left for the kids to break…………………that’s jacked up!)


JESUS, what the hell was I talking about.

(Dammit Dude, Jesus, if you’re a real dude, I’m sorry for using your name like that all the time.  I’m not sure how I’d feel if a large percentage of the human population blurted out my name at every kind of thing.  Anyway, I hope you’re cool with it.)


Oh yeah, so the kid got the point…let’s hope.

I appreciate this wonderful plant called Cannabis.

When cannabis is in my system, love reigns supreme…even when my “lower self” has other ideas of how to handle the situation.

And when I came inside, I replayed the episode that had just occurred outside to myself for “review” and it hit me, the following sequence of thoughts hit me:


(get ready…here’s where I start to rant ;))


“Look little man, you don’t fuck-up your own playground.”

And if the neighbor on THAT side of the corner lot (who happens to work on cars a lot…in the general vicinity of where the kids broke the glass) should happen to ask me if I knew who did it (he won’t, because that’s the kind of neighborhood this is)…I’d honor my self.  (as opposed to lying on behalf of one neighbor’s child)

And that’s how A LOT of people get in jacked up situations, by NOT honoring themselves when they assume the dishonor of another…for the “other’s” protection of honor.

WHY IN THE FUCK would you do that?!?

Lie on behalf of someone else, thereby assuring your own dishonor (if the truth ever comes to light…oh, and it does from time to time ;)…so that the one truly in dishonor, has their “honor” protected….Stupid.  Just illogical and ignorant.

If you value honor,  (and not just “claim to”)  You better value your own, first.  Otherwise, who else is going to.

And that’s when I realized, if you don’t hang out with DICKS that constantly dishonor themselves (which inevitably ends up with You involved in that dishonor)…then you don’t have to end up assuming a dishonorable position to artificially protect their honor.

That’s why I roll with folks who don’t fuck themselves.

PS.  I also told the neighborhood boy that I overheard his big sister and her friend telling him he wasn’t popular like so-and-so and instead was a “nerd” while they were walking across the front of my open-windowed home on their way home from school one day.  And I told him not to worry about that, I told him he was a handsome young man and that if he kept his mind sharp, all that nonsense will just disappear one day.  I hope he got me.  He left me with sort of a subdued but gleefull, “See ya tomorrow.”


Sorry if I’ve rambled 😉

Over and Out.


I’m serious like a Mofo!

Royal HG (C.A., T.N.)*


*(don’t worry, I’ll explain all this crap later)

(Oh, the “calculated risk” I took by cursing to the child…is that his father could KICK MY ASS! (potentially)…and I’m not in the business of getting my ass kicked.)



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