MJ Moments – Ladybud’s ‘Rage Grrl’ Anger Issues

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MJ Moments – Ladybud’s ‘Rage Grrl’ Anger Issues




(a comment in response to the following post:  http://www.ladybud.com/2013/04/11/im-so-angry/ )





Me too.




And here’s why I’m fuckin’ pissed…



Because there’s this gift from god, my favorite plant, and mutherfuckers be adulterating it with slightly toxic chemicals…with their soil mixes, nutrient choices and/or extraction methodologies.




You better bow down, right now, to YOUR OWN ANCESTORS…that somehow kept this plant alive and in use, withOUT the help of your indoctrinated PhD’s and their chemistry sets…actin’ like they know somethin’ about life and living things.




You ain’t shit, if you’re from the cash and chemistry set.


You steal natural remedies from the tribesmen, poorly, for profit.



Fuck you.






Your children will suck from the teat of your creation.



Chew on that for a minute punk-ass bitches.



Enjoy my anger…I do…it enlivens my Red Chakra.



How I get “active”…




How I have fun…




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