MJ Moments – Man, I love this plant!

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MJ Moments – Man, I love this plant!


The reason I vaporize cannabinoids, in a word:   Perspective.


Let me put that in “perspective” for you, if I may…

It’s been approximately one full month since my last indulgence in the fruit of this wonderful gift from God.

So I’m home alone (…well, except for the nine fish (including four zebra danio, three common carp/Koi/”feeder-fish” @ $0.40 ea; whatever you wanna call em’, they’re my buddies now..and two Plecos (my shy guys ;))…four chickens…two gods, um, I mean, dogs ;)…hundreds, if not thousands of red-wigglers (…I’m not going to fuck up their habitat just to count ’em!…that’s better left to census takers ;)…hundreds of different plant species…and untold trillions of nitrosomonas, nitrobacter and pseudomonas denitrificans bacteria (…purposely; because I don’t believe there’s a better way to grow produce than via the intelligent use of aquaponics…and if you’re going to attempt it, it would behoove you to become familiar with the aforementioned three bacteria…since it’s primarily those three little “guys” that allow you to complete the nitrogen cycle.  Hint:  Pay close attention to the last one…it’s “magical”  ;))).

But I digress.


Like I was saying, it’s been about a month since my last inhalation…and THAT fact alone, made THIS ONE such a joy!

I know, I know, there’s an element that will read this and think to themselves, “What a Stoner!  He’s just proud for making it one WHOLE month with out ‘using’ cannabis.”…and there’s a part of them that would be correct; just not the part they’re thinking.

These folks and I would have to engage in an intelligent discussion about what it means to ‘use’ cannabis.

I use cannabis to gain Perspective…to zoom WAAAY the fuck out.  I start looking at myself from My God-Self Perspective and begin taking note of all the wonderful life around me, big and little.

I forgive my brother.

I forgive myself.

I just Love.


So yes, I’m a cannabis ‘user.’  Now piss-off “brother,” you’re tweakin’ my vibe.  And what the fuck do you care about the vehicle I take when traveling toward Love and Appreciation?!

YOU ARE INCLUDED in that SAME LOVE and SAME APPRECIATION; right up to the point where you begin to question my method of getting there, dumbass!

And don’t EVEN get me started with a question like, “Well then, why can’t you just love me without getting High?”


You’re the type of person that Question’s another person’s method, who is Loving you…based on your fear, indoctrination and/or ignorance about a PLANT…and someone else’s ‘use’ of it!……………THAT’S WHY!!

Getting High helps me move my ego aside…and let you be You, and look for the lessons You have to teach…(even if I DO disagree with your approach, to life).

I guess you could extrapolate that getting High, makes me feel more ‘agreeable’…and you’d be correct!

There’s some real irony here.

If you are the type of person that gets angry at MY ‘use’ of a specific plant, it is the ‘use‘ of that specific plant, that allows me to tolerate you’re desire to express your stupidity, out loud…and let You be YOU!

Unlike the ‘haters’ of this plant, I’ve educated myself about it.  I know that the peaceful feelings that come over me, combined with a sense of ‘togetherness’, are a result/symptom of my ‘use’.


Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Perspective.



Serious like a Mofo!

(…with a fun side to match, if you’re cool like-that)

Royal H.G.  (C.A., T.N.)*


*(I’ll explain when the time is right 😉

(brought to you in part by:  Indica – Kesha – Green Rabbit Delivery )


P.S.  Come to think of it, can you imagine how many people would show up to church if the “body of christ” was a pot-brownie instead of a taste-less white cracker?! (and No, I’m not talking about Rush Limbaugh ;).

And just to be certain the holy spirit was DEEP inside the congregation, may I suggest serving the New and Improved “body of christ” about two hours prior to the formal services.  Trust me, it’ll work.  If you “passed the basket” for “donations” or “tithing” PRIOR to relinquishing the New and Improved “body of christ” to each customer/servant of god, not only would you fill the seats each week (shit, you’d fill em’ on Wednesdays!)…the church would finally have some money to help people with.  😉

P.P.S.  Ironically, because of the pot-brownies, people wouldn’t need the church’s help…they’d be helping themselves, developing community, lending a hand…and loving one another.

P.P.P.S.  I guess what I’m trying to get at is this….I don’t understand why churches don’t deal weed.  It makes perfectly good sense.  They’re already set up as charitable organizations (you know, for taxation purposes ;).

Imagine that.

“Hey, what’s up Padre?!  I’ll take an eighth of the New and Improved “body of christ”….thanks….later Bro….Hey, let’s get some pizza after the sermon….Cool!”

Imagine that.

I mean really, have you EVER heard a “boring” story when you were High?  Think about it, the shittiest story-teller in the world can keep your attention.  Right?!!


(Only problem would be;  mutherfuckers would start askin’ questions…you know, like,  “…could you speak a little more on the pre- and post- payments for sins, Padre?”)

Maybe not   😉



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