MJ Moments – Occasionally, I smoke alone

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MJ Moments – Occasionally, I smoke alone


Okay, typically.


But there’s a reason.

Usually, other people fuck up my “high”…and here’s why:

I don’t use cannabis to escape, or “check-out”.

I use cannabis to check-IN.

While considering what I believe to be the BEST and HIGHEST “use” of this plant, (to check-IN and go on a soul-searching mind-ride to identify true Self to your mundane self (so you can get in alignment with Self)), I ran across an insidious idea/meme/mind-virus brought to you by the proprietors of alcohol…

And here it is:

The meme from the perspective of the “alcohol crowd” is that consuming that favorite drug of theirs ALONE (by yourself) to the point of “intoxication” indicates you might have some sort of a “problem.”  Whereas, I personally believe that to get the most, the best, and the highest “use” from this natural plant…it SHOULD BE DONE ALONE.  Otherwise, you’re constantly distracted from your inward travel by having to respond to this or that (…even if it IS a friend passing you a bag of doritos, or cheesy kale chips ;).

And THEY, the “haters” of my favorite plant, glom on to that “appearance” of aloofness in social settings… (or what appears to be fully checked-OUT, which is actually someone who just gave up giving a fuck about what everybody else at the party was doing and went on his mind-trip IN SPITE of the constant distractions “available” to him.  SHIT!  That Dude, the one that the haters wrongfully assume is “out of it,” is so deep INTO it, that he can’t be fazed!!

Hilarious, isn’t it…the irony I mean?!

Zoned-OUT, “couch-lock” Dude…may actually be a freakin’ mind Jedi, blocking out all distractions when everyone around him can’t!

That’s badass!!

And he’s just too deep into a singular thought to even BEGIN to explain it to those existing (mentally) only back in the plane of the “present”…the “look” you see staring back at you, from the mind Jedi, is the contemplation of an explanation that would be mundane enough to work in this particular social setting, stretching all the way out into the far reaches of the universe…on whichever subject the mind Jedi was putting his focal point at the time you asked.  And even THAT dictates a completely different answer, your timing of the question I mean…as the mind Jedi travels far and wide, swiftly and without resistance.  So again, depending on which nanosecond you pop the question, your answer could be galaxies apart!

(Keep this in mind when contemplating the “look” you get back from a “couch-locked” mind Jedi when asking ANYTHING!…he’s considering conversational computations with Cosmic correlations…try THAT and NOT look “zoned out” 😉


Dude is just waaaay too high in public.

Either, or.

And by the way!  Don’t think for a minute that constant mind distraction isn’t a well played tactic…to KEEP YOU from doing precisely what I’m suggesting…finding your true Self.  Because once you get in alignment with Self, providence moves.  Enough said.

Anyway, for those interested in doing more with this wonderful plant than “partying” or curing “problems” (which are both wonderful reasons to use cannabis), I HIGHLY suggest developing your relationship with cannabis in an intimate, one-on-one setting….just You and The Plant, goin’ deep.


PS  A good “Guide” to help you get started, is something I’d consider essential to getting the journey off to a good start…and once you have the hang of it, then you can take the training wheels off and begin to develop your one-on-one relationship.



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