MJ Moments – Seed Strategies

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MJ Moments – Seed Strategies




It just occurred to me…


I think it’s important that an underground movement, mirroring that of the United Nations seed collecting strategies, be put together in a quiet and subtle fashion…so that we might enjoy a GMO-free future.



Cuz these suns-a-bitches be CRAZY greedy!



Like, fuck-up the future for their OWN OFFSPRING crazy.



I’m just sayin’.



And please, god, tell me somebody way smarter than me, and way ahead of her/his time, started this process long ago with Cannabis.  Please!




On the other hand…



The plant’s smarter than us…it gonna be ok…it teamed up with Ma’.


Check the last ten thousand years (and more)…where you been?




Seed strategies, ha!




As if This plant doesn’t have it’s own Consciousness.



It be usin’ YOU, mutherfucker.


Go ahead, act like you’re bigger than Cannabis, see who uses who to get what done.


And then succumb to the truth…



It’s going to bring us all together.



How To Grow Magnificent Cannabis:

(…when the BEST, the HEALTHIEST and the FASTEST is what you’re after)



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How Weird Am I?:

(…WARNING!…you may end up hating me for what I’m about to say, or the opposite ;))

(…and if you DO end up hating me, PLEASE, send your hate (in the form of money) to one of your favorite charities…then your “hate-energy” will be doing some good!)

(…then come back to some forum I’m associated with and let the world know just how much you hated me, by revealing the size of your donation!)

(…I’m crafty…I turn “hate” into Love ;))

(…and Thanks, for checkin’ me out to begin with)

(link to Royal HG Introduction – 10 video series)


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