MJ Moments – The Thick Smell of Manhood

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MJ Moments – The Thick Smell of Manhood


(For Disgusting Guys Eyes ONLY!!)

(Women, PLEASE,…LOOK AWAY!…or consider yourselves warned)

Have you ever been going through the motions of getting ready for bed and just by the way things are “feelin’ down there” you decide it might be a good idea to go ahead and wipe?

And then wouldn’t you know it, there’s a tiny little shit-nugget, tucked away nicely…all day!…from that early a.m. deuce you dropped after digesting breakfast on a Saturday morning at home.

And HOW THE FUCK DID IT HANG ON from that half-a-toilet-paper-roll, DEFCON-1 wipe-down?!?

(It’s not like I don’t KNOW that I have a scar there from a childhood hernia that had to be lanced out at one point because of a blood clot (I was a constipated kid, a toilet clogger extraordinaire…I’ve since began drinking water)….Anyway, Duh!…having a sharp knife carve up your ‘death star’ is something you remember!!…and if you didn’t, every time you pooped (and re-opened the cut!), you’d be reminded for weeks…that’ll drive a point home I tell ya.)

Anyway, that tricky little shit-nugget houdini (you know, escaping my Defcon 1 wipe-down ;)) did its best impression of a raisinets rubbed between two warm fingers all day long…so, it was a good thing I hustled off to the “outhouse” before retiring for the evening.

Looks like I’m creepin’ up on a “shower day.”


Sometimes, I like the thick smell of my manhood in the air…pit, shit and all.

And then, on day ???, I start grossing MYSELF out!


(??? = TBD ;))

It’s almost like camping at home…FUCK YEAH BRO!…(sorry Ladies, it’s FUCKING AWESOME!…don’t ever try it ;))



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(…WARNING!…you may end up hating me for what I’m about to say, or the opposite ;))

(…and if you DO end up hating me, PLEASE, send your hate (in the form of money) to one of your favorite charities…then your “hate-energy” will be doing some good!)

(…then come back to some forum I’m associated with and let the world know just how much you hated me, by revealing the size of your donation!)

(…I’m crafty…I turn “hate” into Love ;))

(…and Thanks, for checkin’ me out to begin with)

(link to Royal HG Introduction – 10 video series)



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