MJ Moments – Three Dudes (v1)

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MJ Moments – Three Dudes  (v1)


Three dudes I’d like to vaporize with…in the same room, at the same time:



Quest Love


Dave Chappelle

I’d love to see where it went, musically, comedically, conversationally.


…the next three (v2):


John Wilkes (of “Flowforms” fame)

Dr. John Todd (of “Solar Aquatics” fame)


Paul Stamets (of “Mycoremediation” fame)

(…but let’s be honest, Paul’s gonna be on ‘shrooms  😉

(…who cares, just to be in his presence, WIDE OPEN AND TOTALLY PRESENT, while these men’s minds unfold…a gift from God for sure)


…and the NEXT three (v3):


Dr. Christopher Hills (of “Nuclear Evolution” fame)

Lao Tzu  (of “Tao Te Ching” fame)


Jesus (of ???, “Nazareth” fame, I guess 😉


How badass would it be to be in the same room, and totally stoned with THESE three?!!

(Yup, gettin’ High with Jesus…I’ll bet he’s got good stories)



How To Grow Magnificent Cannabis:

(…when the BEST, the HEALTHIEST and the FASTEST is what you’re after)



More MJ Moments:

(…a peek into the mind of the Royal Hippie Gangster)



How To Tune-up Your Soul:

(…fitness for ALL of Us)



How Weird Am I?:

(…WARNING!…you may end up hating me for what I’m about to say, or the opposite ;))

(…and if you DO end up hating me, PLEASE, send your hate (in the form of money) to one of your favorite charities…then your “hate-energy” will be doing some good!)

(…then come back to some forum I’m associated with and let the world know just how much you hated me, by revealing the size of your donation!)

(…I’m crafty…I turn “hate” into Love ;))

(…and Thanks, for checkin’ me out to begin with)

(link to Royal HG Introduction – 10 video series)



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    Write YOUR VERSION of what kind of story Jesus might tell, if you were High with him.
    (…and tell him you only had time for ONE STORY, and to make it his BEST! ;))

    What would he say to you?

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